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By the Parana river

The beautiful landscape and relaxing atmosphere makes of Veracruz a wonderful setting to spare and relax after enjoying the best shooting and fishing ever.

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Enjoy incredible duck hunting, great dove shooting, awesome fishing and ultimate perdiz hunting in nature´s greatest mixed bag region

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We take pride in providing high standard, professional service and like to surprise our hunters with the little details that make of their stay the most wonderful experience. First class service is provided by house staff and guides, to compliment this incredible shooting with the most pleasant stay.

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Veracruz Lodge


Veracruz Lodge is a cozy thatch-roofed lodge with the most spectacular views of  the Parana River. Its beautiful landscape and relaxing atmosphere makes of our lodge a wonderful setting to spare and relax after enjoying the best shooting and fishing ever.

The Lodge is geographically located in the town of San Javier, 105 miles (170kms) south of the province of Santa Fe. Driving time from the airport to the lodge is 2 hours.Also, it is 372 miles (600kms) north of Buenos Aires, a 6-hour drive or a 1 hour flight.

Veracruz offers 5 bedrooms with private bathrooms, and can accommodate 10 guests. You will marvel at the exquisite and traditional dishes our professional chefs will prepare for your stay.  Plus, at Veracruz, you will enjoy the best selection of Argentinean wines and get spoiled with delicious and traditional Argentinean desserts.

While you are at the Lodge, it is yours to enjoy; from the comfortable living-room with its inviting fireplace, to the dining-room, offering beautiful views of open fields and the Parana River shore.

Swimming Pool
Spa Facilities
Facilities and Services
  • 5 big double rooms with private bathrooms
  • Dining-room, living-room, bar, recreation room, swimming pool, gun cleaning table
  • Wi-Fi
  • House-keeping and laundry service
  • Masseuse
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Fire pit
  • Gun rental
  • First class professional hunting guides
  • Assistant in the field

Veracruz Lodge

At Veracruz you can hunt different species of ducks depending on the time of the year, the rosy billed and whistling ducks being the most common, along with some teals.

Duck shooting features comfortable and well camouflaged blinds, quality specie-specific decoys and guides who will place you where you need to be to get the kind of duck hunting you’ve only dreamed of until now.

The shooting takes place on the shores of San Javier River, over some of the hundreds of islands or over rice fields fact that offers the program variety and excitement. We shoot twice a day, morning and evening, and there is plenty of time to relax at midday.

For morning hunts, our hunters depart from the lodge in the dark, but after a hearty breakfast. Depending on the time of the year and the behavior of the birds (scouted every day), the time to get to the blinds will be from 20 minutes to an hour, including car or boat ride. Shooting over decoys starts at first light and continues until 10 am or after. Depending on the skills of the shooter, the limit of 30 ducks per hunt can be reached in 30 to 45 minutes. Flocks of 20 or 30 ducks are not rare. Most days, duck hunters return to the lodge for lunch and a siesta before afternoon departure at about 3pm for evening duck hunts. Evening hunts last until dark.

Perdiz over dogs is a great choice to hunt. They are fast and challenging. Britain’s or German shorthair dogs hunt with us.

Duck and Perdiz hunting can be exchanged for Dove shooting, making the hunting diverse.

Golden Dorado Fishing is a great and fun sport and the river scenery is phenomenal. We fish in shallow water with current. Lots of different fish can be caught like stingray and Piranhas. We will use bait or fly rods depending on the time of year and your preference. Catch and release is what we do.

In the heart of a magical environment, Veracruz offers a warm and cozy accommodation combined with the best of Argentina’s mixed bag hunting.


Our Guests say

Richard Wright
La Zenaida & Veracruz Lodge
“The staff’s concern for the needs of each guest…the ambience of rural Argentina, the thoughtfullness in services and the sophistication…these reflect the vision and passion of Tomas Frontera.”
Donna Nichols
Veracruz Lodge
Our day in Buenos Aires was great. It was a nice way to end our trip. We had a wonderful time hunting and being pampered by the staff. The food was great, and we especially loved the special meal the chef prepared for our 52nd wedding anniversary including the cake with 52 made from caramel on the top. It was great to have this lovely meal with the staff.
The staff was wonderful. We wanted to take our “field assistants” home with us. Our fishing guide was great. We never thought we would be catching piranha.
Alan Fears
Veracruz Lodge

The entire crew went out of their way to insure we had everything we needed! My guide was excellent and even though neither of us could talk due to language differences, we figured it out! I’d give him an A+ rating as he made my trip!

chuck gaskin
Chuck Gaskin
La Zenaida & Veracruz

Thanks for a great tripIt was good to see all the Frontera staff! I love the office.


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